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Welcome to the Forerunner news section, we will be posting articles about computer recycling in general, but also unique information about Forerunner Recycling.

Connecting Hearts Workshop Update 8/8/11

Many of you will have already read our informational page we added that gave a brief overview of our program called Connecting Hearts Workshop Programs

I want to briefly update with the latest info concerning the program. We are proud to announce JSI our first Workshop coming online in Saint Louis. JSI has been serving the greater St Louis community for over 30 years, and it is an honor to come along side them to assist them. We at Forerunner were stunned by JSI's out of the box aggressive nature towards creating both jobs and new revenue streams. In the past, many workshops passively waited for aid to come in from donations, grants, and government aid. JSI and other workshops realize those days are quickly coming to an end. Workshops like JSI, that do such tremendous good in the community, will need to become more self reliant looking to create their own jobs.

That is were Forerunner has come in, we give them the knowledge, training, anything they need to help them to succeed in the creating of jobs and new revenue streams.

In less than 2 months, we have seen dozen of Corporations begin to open their hearts to JSI by partnering with them by allowing JSI to recycle their company's used I.T equipment. In that short time, JSI has already began to see the revue stream start to trickle in, and although a trickle now, it soon will turn into a stream that will change lives.

I would like to reiterate what Pam Thompson, who does the marketing for JSI, says "I Love My Job", the opportunity to come along side and serve such a beautiful cause is nothing but pure joy.

Call 877-478-6611 for more information.