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... with more than 15 years in the computer \ e waste recycling field, Forerunner Computer Recycling has given Macon companies a responsible option to dispose end of life cycle and surplus computer equipment. All Macon based companies face the task of safely disposing of older equipment and their e waste. The EPA estimates that as many as 500 million computers \ e waste will soon become obsolete.

As Macon businesses upgrade existing PCs, more computers and other e waste are finding their way into the waste stream. According to the EPA, over two million tons of electronics waste is discarded each year and goes to U.S. landfills.

ForeRunner Recycling, 100% Computer RecyclingNow you have a partner in the computer \ e waste recycling business who understands your need to safely dispose of your computer and electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

By promoting reuse - computer recycling and electronic recycling - Forerunner Computer Recycling extends the life of computer equipment and reduce e waste. Recycle your computers, recycle your electronics.

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Secure Data Destruction

Today, more than ever, Macon companies discarding computer equipment are concerned about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain private information. Simply tossing used computer equipment and hard disks into dumpsters will leave companies vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals searching for credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other valuable data.

Forerunner Recycling, your partner in the computer \ e waste recycling business, understands the need to safely dispose of computer equipment in a manner that guarantees no data is available for exploitation.

Hard drives are erased using the Department of Defense's DoD 5220.22-M standard, or if necessary, hard drives are physically destroyed. We'll do whatever it takes to ensure your company data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Data Center Division
New Division of Forerunner Recycling

With increasing economic pressure being applied to Macon Corporations today, there remains a need to be flexible concerning moving and/or closing Macon data centers. Furthermore, it may be necessary to properly shut down a data center with little warning causing the closure or move to fall outside your normal budget. This can only apply additional pressure on your Corporation.

Forerunner Computer Recycling focuses on turning what may be a perceived liability with the data center closure and can turn it into a financial return for the Corporation. With 20 years experience of information technology and asset recovery, Forerunner can assist any Macon Corporation, small to large, in receiving a return on the costly process of data center closure.

ForeRunner Recycling, Data DestructionOur goal at Forerunner Computer Recycling is to offer a secure, reliable option to hard drive destruction. Yes, Forerunner does offer and is fully capable of destroying any and all hard drives. But with such high value that remains in the data center's equipment, to include: hard drives, servers, switches, and other equipment, this should be an option that all corporations consider.

Forerunner, in most cases, can offer on-site data destruction at zero cost with the Macon Corporation seeing a possible return on its surplus data center equipment. Whether its hard drive destruction, data destruction, or disposal of surplus data center equipment, give Forerunner Computer Recyling an opportunity to propose a less costly option for you.

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Macon, GA

   Quick City Facts

Form of Government:

The Strong Mayor - Council Form 



Size of City:

55.8 Square Miles

Yearly Precipitation:

45 inches


400 Feet



Meaning of City Name:

In honor of North Carolina statesman Nathaniel Macon because many of the city's early settlers hailed from North Carolina

Major Tourist Attraction:

Downtown Macon

Top Employers:

Medical Center of Central Georgia,
Northrop Grumman,
Bae Systems

Top Industries:

Health, Manufacturing, Technology
Enter the Cloud

The Culture and Arts of Macon

In the central portion of the U.S. state of Georgia sits the consolidated city-county of Macon. Geographically, the city-county is part of the Bibb County. It is called the Heart of Georgia because of its convenient location within the borders of the state. The city of Macon is also considered as one of the state’s Fall Line Cities. The two other cities who share this recognition are Columbus and Augusta. The Fall Line is a geographical feature located at the meeting point of the coastal plain and Piedmont plateau. Since Macon is one of the three cities to be situated along the Fall Line, the city is blessed with rivers that could run textile mills in the past. Today, the city has the Ocmulgee River within its borders.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city-county has a total population of 155, 369. Its metropolitan area has an estimated population of 222, 388, which ranks as the 190th largest MSA in the whole county. In addition, the city of Macon is part of the larger Macon- Warner- Robins Combined Statistical Area (CSA), of which Macon is the most populated. The CSA has a population of 404, 668, which ranks the 82nd largest CSA in the United States.

Among the many cultural attractions it boasts, the city of Macon is known for its musical heritage. A lot of famous musicians call the city their home even before they have shown interest in music, including Little Richard, Randy Crawford, Bill Berry, Mark Heard, Lucille Heamin, Emmett Miller, Robert McDuffe, Jason Aldean, Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers Band among others. In the 1960s and 1970s, the city was also recognized as the center for Southern rock music. Another group that boasts the heritage of music in the place is the Macon Symphony Orchestra.

When it comes to festivals, the city of Macon has no shortage. Annually, the city hosts the Mulberry Street Festival in March, International Cherry Blossom Festival in Mid-March, Ocmulgee Indian Celebration in September, Georgia State Fair in May, Pan African Festival in April, the Macon Film Festival (MaGa), Giergia Music Week in September and the Bragg Jam Festival which is a Pub Crawl help annually.

History is not lost in Macon. There are a lot of historical sites within the boundaries of the city, including the Ocmulgee National Monument, the Cannonball House, Rose Hill Cemetery, Temple Beth Israel and Fort Benjamin Hawkins among others. Museums like the Museum of Arts and Sciences (Macon) and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame are also open to the public.