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Congratulations, you have taken the first step into having your Fort Collins CO based company enter The Cloud, and the first step is trying to figure out what The Cloud, or Cloud services are, and how The Cloud applies to your Company in Fort Collins CO.

So, the first step, what is The Cloud or Cloud computing, what does it mean for you here in Fort Collins CO? We are going to keep it simple; we aren’t trying give you a Master’s degree concerning Cloud Services. If you use the internet in any regular fashion, then you have partaken of The Cloud. A few examples of the ways the Cloud has already touched your life is online banking and any service that stores your documents (like Google Apps) or music (like Amazon). Cloud services have been growing steadily over the last decade and are now at the verge of geometric growth in next few years.

A good example of how The Cloud has and will evolve would be to look at similar examples of technical advancements in our society. When electricity first was available, it was so scarce that individual companies had to create their own electricity to help advance their business. As availability and affordability of electricity advanced, the production of electricity became centralized.

Computing has come of age, where Fort Collins CO Corporations had to provide most all their own back office computer services to help run their Fort Collins CO based company, now Cloud computing gives a centralized, affordable option for most all computer services needed. Your Fort Collins CO based Company will not need to purchase new servers every three years because you can now outsource to a Cloud service company like Paruzia.

Along with not needing to buy new back office equipment, you will no longer need to maintain that equipment either. There are other benefits to using Cloud services like built-in back up of all your data, having data secured on The Cloud… not on Laptops or on a desktops that are much more vulnerable than the Cloud. Imagine if your office was destroyed by a fire. If all of your workstations operated in the cloud, you could open up a new Laptop and be back to work in no time – with no loss of data! Furthermore, Workstations, either Laptop or Desktop, do not need to have all the power or be replaced as often because you are using the up-to-date power of The Cloud.

Again, we don’t want to make you an expert in the first brush with The Cloud; we just want to give you enough knowledge to take the next step and contact us about what Cloud services we can offer you. Give us a call and learn how the Cloud Services Paruzia offers will benefit your Fort Collins CO Company.